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Sugarloaf Mountain 10/6/2012

Posted: November 17, 2012 in Colorado, Colorado, Hiking, Travel

What a goofy fun hike! We were just planning on taking out the jeep to play in the snow but I saw this “peak” on the map with a trail up and we thought why not?  It was snowing the whole way up and cloudy, visibility was maybe 20 feet but I heard that usually you can see for miles. No worries though we liked it because it was a new experience for us. We packed light, water and Camera stuff, it was a quick hike.  At the top we looked around for a USGS stamp but only found a gouge out of one of the rocks where we think it may have been, you’ll see in the pictures. If you are ever bumming around west of boulder you should check it out.

Start Time: Early Afternoon?      Duration:  1.12 Hours     Distance:  1.28 miles    Max Elevation: 8,909′    Gain: 462′       Difficulty: 2 out of 10   Rating: Goofy  6 out of 10

Google Map:,-105.364552&spn=0.113713,0.222988&t=p&z=13

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Winner! The worst part about this beer is getting your hands on it. I bought it at the grocery store in Snowmass Village then had it at the Aspen Brewing Company tap room. I have been unable to find it in Denver or the burbs. HELP! Hoppy, Smooth, Great light bitter aftertaste. easily making it into the top 10 IPA’s I’ve had. If anyone can tell me where in Denver to pick this up I will be forever grateful! For all IPA fans Try It Try It Try It!

Out of Can/Bottle: 9 out of 10        On Tap: 9 out of 10

There are a lot of payoffs in this hike if you can handle 2 things…

1. the first 3 miles were all up hill

2. the first 3 miles were flanked by trees which left little scenery for most of the hike.

Enough about that, once you reach the lake and waterfalls you forget about the last 3 hours and melt into your surroundings. June was the perfect time of year for us to go, the weather was outstanding, it was around 45 degrees or so for our 5:15am start time and only got warmer as we hiked. We cruised through many areas that seemed primed for wildlife like Moose or Elk but we saw none. Our first payoff was Chipmunk lake 3 miles in, I wouldn’t call it a lake but… I’m not in charge of that. It was followed by what we dubbed Chipmunk Marsh. Both were very serene. It was wonderful being the only ones out there. 1 mile following was Ypsilon lake, a good sized lake framed by Ypsilon Maountain.  Panoramic views a calm wind and the warm sun beating on was great. above Ypsilon Lake were the falls from the spectacle lakes. The waterfalls were a neat place to explore and take a ton of photographs.  On the trip back down we happened upon a tiny bear cub, the first bear cub me wife and I had ever seen in the wild, he was a cute little dude about the size of a basketball. From there we went into a minor panic mode, we didn’t see momma anywhere and realized that if we can’t see her we might be between the two of them. Just because I couldn’t see her didn’t mean she couldn’t see us! He scampered along and we high Tailed it out of there. It was a rush though.

Overall a very good trip that I would recommend to anyone.

Start Time: 5:15am (June)          Duration: 6.41 hours          Distance: 8.61 miles           Elevation Gain: 2,265′       Difficulty: 4 out of 10 

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Gray’s Peak 14,270′ 9/23/2012

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Colorado, Hiking


So we finally knocked out our first 14er together! We hit Gray’s Peak bright and early. We headed out of Denver at 4:30am and we were on the trail at 5:45am. Even that early we were not alone, there were about 10 others getting an early start.  The hike itself wasn’t too bad, the problem was that we were a little out of shape and maybe a 14er wasn’t the best idea. Oh well we kicked it’s ass anyway! The first 1.5 miles were pretty easy, the Last 2 were grueling! Awesome hike, check out the resources for more info or comment with any questions or comments.

Max Elevation: 14,270′                    Gain: 3,010′                  Time: 7:03 hrs                 Distance: 6.81 miles          Difficulty: 6 out of 10

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We took the East Inlet Trail from the east side of Grand Lake. This is a great hike for all ages. The scenery is amazing throughout the entire trip. As a bonus you are almost guaranteed to see moose! The only downfall was the usual amount of Beetle Kill.

Start Time: 5:45am

Duration: 8 hours RT

Distance: 10.2 miles RT

Total Elevation Gain: 1600′

Difficulty: 2 (1-10)