Mosquito Pass 8/19/2012

Posted: September 18, 2012 in 4X4

Funny how these things work out…

We had planned on heading up to the top of Mount Bross, and were needing to get from Leadville to Alma. We had our GPS and hoped it would get us there. It had us take this dirt road heading east out of Leadville the road kept progressively worse and worse until we realized that this was going to be an adventure in itself. The whole while we are wondering “What if we were in the civic? why would the GPS tell us to take this route?” Good thing we had the Jeep, we needed it! It was a long narrow drive to the top, I was nervous at times knowing that I hadn’t planned on doing anything like this in the Jeep before make significant udgrades to the suspension, tires and wheels. There were plenty of Sheer drop-offs as well that made for a hairy experience for Jessica and myself. The views were amazing though and it was a blast. we didn’t realize until the top once we saw the sign that we were evening climbing Mosquito Pass! We took some pictures and watch some other Jeepers enjoying celebratory margaritas at the top. The trip down was a little hairy with some higher clearance spots but also great views and old mines. Awesome trip even though we couldn’t do Mount Bross.

Distance: 12.9 miles

Difficulty: 4 out 10

Time: 2:05hrs

Start Elevation: 10,264

Pass Elevation: 13,109

Gain: 1,868

Rating: A Link:

Our Link:


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